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Home is where your family is...

I would like to start this blog off with a high note, so today I’ll be the first to blog about our first day on the road. I woke up this morning with the spirit of traveling, a good feeling about this day, the sense that everything was going to fly along smoothly. Unfortunately that wasn’t the right sense. When I woke up I felt like we were going to school, so I did what any middle schooler would do, and just kept on sleeping. When I realized that it wasn’t a school day. It slowly dawned on me that we were leaving today..My mom came into my room and turned on my lights and radio to get me jumpstarted. My sleepy response was “I need to spend my last day in my bed” so she left. After a few minutes I heard someone else’s voice, I didn’t know who it was so I jumped out of bed (literally jumped), and then tripped because I wasn’t fully awake yet. I went into the hall and saw three of our friends talking to my mom and sisters, saying their goodbyes. Phew – I thought it was someone robbing us. After Jen, Taylor and Logan went off to school, Harper and Mrs. Tremaine stopped by to hug us farewell and extend a stay at their Cape C abode - woot woot! After company left we were close to being ready to leave and I was so excited. I was wrong, we were not close to leaving....and was made aware of the fact that we had to pack about 43 more items, not small, but large items. So after about 3 hours of handwork, and a grumbling stomach, I was happy to see our grandparents. Grandma Pat and Papa Joe stopped by over to say their goodbyes and wish us luck. Unfortunately for them, they were sucked into the black hole of 'helping the O'Do's'. They helped us pack and clean our house for Anthony - my cousin who is moving in. Finally, about one hour later, they stopped and took us out to lunch. When we returned we were all ready to go, we had just said our goodbyes to our grandparents, and were ready. Just then our uncle called and said, ‘where are you, can I meet you somewhere if you are already on the road?’ I’m glad he did, he needed a hug from all of us, a JJ HUG! We said goodbye, set the speedometer, and loaded our last things to depart! We were so excited nothing would stand in our way! Sure enough, something did - the car tow stopped us about 500 ft. from our house. We ended up sitting for a half hour because my dad needed to make sure that our car was hooked up properly to the RV. After he secured the rigging, it was forward! In my opinion, the journey isn’t about where you go or what time you get there, it’s about what you make of it along the way. It was important for us to say our good-byes, to give much needed hugs and with some, cry a little bit. So in conclusion, who knows what will happen next or where we will go. The sun is setting, Meatball the bulldog is cuddled on my lap and the RV rolls on. Home is where you’re family is and so my home is all around America

-Angelo O’Dorisio

First blogger

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