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I'm Thankful for my parents!

What a great day, the eve of Thanksgiving, we had a very fun day! When I woke up in the RV I went straight into the house where a world of bacon and pancakes awaited me. At the time it was just my sisters, my parents because our NY cousins were at school for a half-day. We still had home school, but it was only 45 minutes! I tell ya – I can get use to the home-school plan! It goes quickly when you’re self-taught. After we picked up our cousins from the bus stop [I had to walk Meatball there, he was not happy with the LOOONG, 100 yard walk] my dad, uncle Mark, Mr. Lukey and I went to get lunch and groceries. When we got back we rested for 2 hours, I was very tired, but we had a big surprise waiting us. We were going into the city to see the Macy’s Day parade balloons get inflated! Then 10 of us piled into the SUV and took off for NYC! I know uncle Mark was not keen on the idea – because he goes into the city daily for work, but he still took us, because he loves us Ohio kids! As we drove into the city, we started listening to Hamilton the soundtrack, because everyone in the car [except for my dad and uncle] are very big fans. After looking out the window at all the amazing sites, we made it to NYC! I can’t believe how many people drive into the city! Uncle Mark had to drop us off and circle NYC while the rest of us got in a very long but quick line to see the balloons. We did eventually get to see them and what an adventure, just going into the city without any planning. Imagine that, just on a normal day, your parents saying, “ Ok kids we are going to NYC to go watch balloons get inflated”. I’m thankful for them – they always expose us to new things so that we can learn about all that is outside of our ‘Ohio’ world. I think it will make me a better human one-day. Anyway I am blogging today – on Thanksgiving Day - because our adventure was so big yesterday that when we got home, I went out cold. In conclusion - we are taking ideas for vlogs, live Facebook posts or video blogs, so if you have any ideas put them down below. We already have ideas such as, paragliding, scuba diving, surfing, and other crazy stuff. Thanks for reading, Happy Thanksgiving and be thankful for what you have in front of you!

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