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Washington DC

Miles of history were waiting for us as we entered the District of Columbia. Some of the O’Do’s had trouble understanding the whole ‘district’ idea. A mention of Hunger Games came up and heads were scratched, but as soon as the Capitol peaked it’s head a quiet awe swept the RV.

We walked, we gawked and we read our way through the National Mall, soaking in all the knowledge our brains could handle in one short day.

The most significant feeling came upon all of us as Gigi asked, “ Why does the area feel so short?’ Come to find, the 1899 Height of Buildings Act established that no building could be taller than the Capitol (289 feet). In 1910 the act was amended to restrict building heights even further: no building could be more than twenty feet taller than the width of the street that it faces.This preserved the “light and airy” character of Washington that Thomas Jefferson envisioned.

Angelo said it felt like ‘we were game pieces’, moving in and out of some of the most important structures in American history. We certainly were dwarfed by all that was poured into each monument.

Our favorite DC stops:

Angelo: Udvar Hazy National Air and Space Museum

- Getting up close with The Discovery Space Shuttle

Mom: National World War II Memorial

- An overwhelming feeling of ‘I’m not worthy’

All: National Museum of African American History and Culture

- Realizing many came to this country with hope, only to be pushed into slavery

Meatball: Washington Monument

- The reflection pond, it reflects all but maintains a silent calm, like him

Dad: Lincoln Memorial

- Seeing the man who was larger than life, sit, still, larger than life

- Kids: Sliding down the stair railings

All: The White House

- Getting a glimpse of Obama’s home

Gigi & Olive: Vietnam Veterans Memorial

- Paying respects to those who served. Reading their names out loud brought depth to their sacrifices.

History caught fire today with this crew. We were on borrowed time in DC and tried to experience as much as we could in 6 hours. Lucky for Angelo he is coming back in May!

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