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Easy Travel Day

Today was an easy travel day, at least for everyone but dad. He drove 5 hours, while we slept, did schoolwork, had cuddle therapy with Meatball and watched the southern part of our Nation pass by. I saw a real cotton field and a truck stop called 'South of the Border' - it was bigger than the IOWA I-85 truck stop! We met some neat people along the way: One couple lives at RV sites - they retired and travel the country doing volunteer work in trade for free RV stays. Another couple we met has a 6 year old and an 11 week old. They live at RV sites for 6 months at a time because the dad has to travel for work. He digs and uses really big equipment for roads and bridges. My parents tell us to be open to meeting new people and to listen to their stories. Today I learned that there are many different reasons why people travel. My parents said I learned a lot more than that today....but probably won't figure it out until I'm older.

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