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Space Nerd land

Today we are in Satellite Beach, Florida, an extension of Cape Canaveral, aka: space nerd-land. Earlier today we went up to a beach near the Patrick Air Force Base, just to see the water temperature. When we got to the beach the water was kind of clear and the beach wasn't that big. We did happen to see a rip current right by shore. It was a series of waves coming in but as they were forming water was pushing it back from underneath. Not like water would normally when the wave is collecting water to get bigger, but a current kind of push.

Yesterday when we arrived here we were greeted by two very friendly neighbors. They had very interesting background stories. They were both in the air force! I honestly hope I can be in the air force. I'd go top gun all the time. This concludes my entry for today, but stay aware ill be blogging like this more often especially when we go to Nerd land!


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