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Fostering the interest

I'm not interested in my legacy. I made up a word: 'live-acy.' I'm more interested in living. - John Glenn.

We dedicate this post to John Hershel Glenn Jr.. The first American to orbit the Earth, a Military Leader, a Pilot, and a U.S. Senator. At 77 years old, Glenn became the oldest person to fly in space on The Discovery - as a Payload Specialist!

Certainly we are keen to 'all things space' - Angelo announced his career choice, "Astronaut-Man" - when he was in pre-school. Sure, we thought this would pass, but after years of visits to NASA-themed events and space camps, we realized, this is not a drill.

As we watch Angelo set his path for exploring space - we realize how much sense it makes. Angelo is even-keeled, adaptable, humble, smart and an extreme adventure seeker. He constantly questions his surroundings, in search of truth, answers. He also has a quirky personality, not that that is a pre-requisite, but most pilots we meet - have their 'quirky-cool' card. A career at NASA will suit Angelo.

Fostering Angelo's space interest is easy, it brings us great joy to watch him dive into his love of the great unknown, his love of discovery. We are grateful we experienced the Kennedy Space Center together and that we were able to pay respects to our Ohio Hero, John Glenn.

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