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The importance of HOSPITALITY

The moment we made it public we were touring the US, we have been showered with nothing but amazing support! Our loving tight-knit community in Columbus IS ALL THAT!

Lucky for us, we continue to receive bold acts of hospitality as we driveway surf across the East Coast. Even though we outstay our welcome, (Our Rule: fish smells after three days...) our friends & family keep their driveways open, their pantries full and their sleeping quarters available.

Our most recent stay is something to write home about, because out of the goodness of their heart we were invited to stay at our friend’s parent’s home. We were pleasantly surprised to find that our stopover was complimented with amazing neighbors; who also welcomed us with open doors!

The home we stayed in was not only beautiful, it was stocked full of things 3 kids, 2 adults and a dog would enjoy: movies, toys, bikes and a beach walking distance! Did I mention Meatball was welcomed with open arms? Yes, a personal invite from the homeowners and their pups!

The minute we pulled in, our new neighbors were at our RV door, “Welcome! Just park your Jeep in our driveway, that way you have more room for the RV."

Say what, is this southern hospitality? We like it!

Upon entering our vacation home we were greeted by the scent of homemade cookies and fresh bread (gone in 2.5 seconds). Additionally, we found little notes for us on 'where to go', ' what to do', 'who to contact', sprinkled through out the house - helping us navigating their little oasis called, Satellite Beach.

As if that wasn't enough, our new ‘space coast’ neighbors guided us to new adventures throughout our stay. They even opened their home to us for a swim and use of the hot tub. Snacks and drinks included.

As our stay came to an end, the five of us were sad to leave our new friends and our home away from home. We all had great things to say about them and how they have shaped what it means to be hospitable. They set the bar pretty high. Are we hospitable? Would we do such acts of kindness for complete strangers? We hope so. Our continued goal is to have fun, learn and be good to people - like they have shown to us.

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