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The Driver

We dedicate today's blog to our driver, the mastermind behind this trip, the man who literally steers us to exploration, daily! It takes guts and whimsy to pack up your family and tour the US. Without complaint, without mood change, 'driver-dad' looks at each day with adventure, grace and gratitude.

Handling an RV is not child's play, the routine of staying alert, planning ahead, and driving defensively are critical. While RV'ing can be a little unnerving, it's not for this man. When driving one of the big rigs on the road, the 'act of driving' becomes a whole different ballgame: small streets, one-way roads, tree-lined avenues, and parking lots all bring new definition to maneuvering. You'd never know if dad was affected.

There are all kinds of elements that play with our motor home's travel success; wind, rain, fog, traffic, but the degree of influence does not shatter our driver-dad's steady focus.

Not only does our dad keep a good grip on the steering wheel as our RV rocks and sways from the above elements―he's also able to keep his positive attitude and sense of adventure in tact. We love him for it and the many other great qualities he shares with us as we travel the US!

Man of the year, Driver-Dad!

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