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Houston We Have Arrived

If you know our family, you know that we believe Art & Space belonged our beliefs were confirmed.

We visited the Johnson Space center in Houston, Texas where a huge Art instillation was on exhibit. The showcase allows you to see an artsy side of the astronauts, scientists and engineers. On exhibit are paintings, photography, music, quilts, ceramics, graphic novels, and custom skateboards. It's neat to see the point where art meets science. Something you don't see or hear about usually.

The most influential piece to us was the trio of artistic spacesuits, "Space Suit Art Project'. Hope, Courage and Unity are the names of the hand-painted suits by young cancer patients. The purpose is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding childhood cancer and the positive connection between the arts and the healing process.

We believe art heals, this just proves others do too, what a gift these scientists are giving and teaching all of us.

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