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Old Town Spring, Texas

This little area reminded us of the quaint little villages in Ohio, where crafters hand make their goods for resale. Old Town Spring took us back in time and introduced us to what southern Texas merchants have to offer.

In the 1700's, the Old Town Spring area was first occupied by a tribe known as Orcoquisac Indians who depended on fishing and hunting - this area was perfect for both.

The first merchants in Old Town Spring could be considered to be the Trading Posts that were established by the French and later the Spaniards called “El Orcoquisac”.

In the early 1800′s settlers began to make their way to the area increasing the trade and growth of the Spring area. Colonization began to grow after Texas won it’s independence from Mexico in 1836 which was the same year Houston was founded on the Banks of Buffalo Bayou.

Fast forward to current day....Old Town Spring emerged with the steady growth of merchants making it a quaint little stop for many from all around the world. The town's popular festivals and events, like the Texas Crawfish and Music festival, keep visitors coming back and we can see why.

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