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Super Bowl 51

So our teams didn't make the Super Bowl this year, it's ok. Quickly we recovered, were good-sports about it and celebrated the teams who did.

So, we found ourselves in Houston during the game of the year....Lucky us! Never experienced the antics surrounding a SB, we were all in agreement for checking THIS tailgate off our list!

We thought we knew it all being seasoned Ohio State and Cleveland Browns fans, but wow - these folks celebrate like no one else!

The neat thing about this tailgate was the kid friendly element. We were able to explore the NFL Super Bowl Experience because the activities were suitable for all ages. 

Nickelodean was there, so the kids got slimmed with Sponge Bob:

We were able to pick the team we'd likely get drafted

The kids got to suit up in the Bowl's team attire, and realized the equipment is not so light:

Skittles were on deck, so we got to taste the rainbow...

There were Obstacles to conquer:

And famous athletes to compare our amazing selves to:

The neat thing was that they had something for literally everyone:

We had a ball, we'd do it again for sure - but with REAL game tickets - Angelo's wasn't as promising as we thought:

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