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Horseshoe Bend - Page, Az

So we took a rafting trip on the Colorado River, yes, right down there, in that river in the picture below. As we were motoring along, our guide says, 'look up there, they are all looking down at you, traveling within the Horseshoe Bend!' At that moment we agreed we were going to see the view from above!

We were expecting a big hike to the abyss that opens up before your very eyes, but it was only about 3/4 mile from the parking lot. As we ventured along the plateau - there it was.

This right here is the Colorado River in Glen Canyon, making a 270 degree curve in an entrenched meander. The river flows from the right side of your view, around the bend, and exits to the left.

It only took us one look and the visual adrenalin unleashed. The views of Horseshoe Bend are breathtaking. This is the place Goosebumps come from, guaranteed.

We made our kids sit, yes, sit on the edges of these canyon cliffs as they drop 1000 feet straight to the river below - making this mama weak-kneed and a bit uneasy.

The distant panoramic horizon views down Glen Canyon are mesmerizing.

We realize how lucky we are, having the luxury of taking in these views in person. We try hard to savor the moment, knowing this is a gift we don't see everyday from Mother Nature.

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