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Southern Oregon Coast

We quickly found out that there really isn't a bad spot on the Oregon coast. You literally could throw a dart at the coastal map to find your destination, and not be disappointed with the outcome! The Southern Oregon Coast, with its beautiful beaches, spectacular views, fascinating small towns and unique Northwest spirit will make you fall in love!

Don't get us wrong, we love our beautiful, easy-to-get-to Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, but the Northwest's Ocean is like nothing we've seen. With it's rocky, forest-shoreline and unusual formations, make us feel like we are either in another country or in the movie 'Goonies'!

Our first coastal stop, Brookings, is in the most southern part of the Southern Oregon Coast — in fact, it is located just five to six miles from the California border. The Chetco River flows just south of the city, which makes for an ideal way to spend the day. When you come to this region, you have to take advantage of the outdoor beauty, which Brookings definitely offers. There are a number of enchanting parks here!

We quickly found out that you can't see it all, and so gave up the notion that we were missing something. Making state parks our mainstays, seem to be the best way to do as much as humanly possible. Our stops on the South Coast included: Harris, Bullard and Umpqua State Parks!

Upon entering Oregon, we quickly came face-to-face with some of the most stunning forests and coastlines in America. There are numerous parks and beaches to explore, we are just getting started!

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