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Central Coast, Oregon

The spectacular Central Coast, with it's long, sandy beaches, humongous headlands and unique lighthouses. This part of the coast has proven itself worthy! Oh the picturesque views and dramatic shorelines are plentiful.

Again, so many places to choose from for a stop-over, we opted for Tillamook. Nestled between Cape Falcon and Cascade Head, Tillamook offers the Tillamook Forest - part of the mighty coastal range, the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and it's very own Air Museum. 

The fishing here is phenomenal salmon, tuna, rockfish - we chose clams and crabs! Because, we know how to clam & crab, not - LoL! 

Even a squirrel finds a nut every now and then😜 

Netarts became our slumber spot - the RV faced the Netarts bay which is part of the Tillamook River Trail system. Fun fact - it's the smallest of watersheds and is known for it's crabbing, clamming, paddling and beachcombing!

Our day trip was to Cape Meares State Park. This location is special for a couple of reasons, first because of the Octopus Tree, a most unusual Sitka spruce - largest in Oregon! No one knows its actual age because that would require chopping down the tree to count the rings. However, The Octopus Tree is believed to be hundreds of years old dating back to when the Indians lived in the area. In fact, there are rumors that the Octopus Tree was shaped like an octopus by the Indians to hold their canoes with their dead in it. So, the Octopus Tree could have been an old burial site.

Cape Meares is also known for it's lighthouse, only 38 feet tall, is the shortest on the Oregon coast. 

We have more to explore as we travel up the Oregon coast! 

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