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Mount Hood

Oregon has many volcanoes, Mount Hood is what is known as a stratovolcano - a very high volcano that is cone-shaped with many layers of volcanic ash, rock and lava that has hardened over time.

Thankfully Mount Hood is considered a dormant volcano, but did erupt in 1907. Mount Hood is only 50 miles from Portland and is a great destination for climbers, hikers and skiers!

Timberline Lodge, built on Mt. Hood, was a must on our 'see it' list. It's widely known as The Overlook hotel from Stanley Kubrick’s blockbuster movie – The Shining.

The Shining used aerial shots of Timberline Lodge as part of it's opening scene, and exterior footage for some establishing shots of the fictional Overlook Hotel throughout the movie.

Constructed in 1937, Timberline Lodge stands on the south slope of Mt Hood at an elevation of 6,000 feet. This beautiful 55,000 square foot National Historic Landmark is still being used for its original intent – a magnificent ski lodge and mountain retreat.

Each room in Timberline Lodge has a unique rustic elegance, yet a modern and comfortable feel. All rooms have period furnishings, artwork and décor.

This lodge is so cool, while it was built during the depresssion - built by hand to withstand the ages, it leaves quite an impression.

There's really never a bad time to visit Mount Hood, as Oregon's highest peak, there's no shortage of breath-taking views!

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