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Olympic National Forest

Look how far we've come!

What you need to know about road tripping the Olympic National Forest:

Hoh Rain Forest Always green, and almost always wet, Hoh Rain Forest is at the top of our must-see list. Here you'll see a rich spectrum of greens: thet deep emerald of licorice fern, the wan olive of hanging club moss, and the turqoise of Sitka spruce needles.

Sol Duc Falls O the wild beauty of Sol Duc! Just a 0.8-mile hike to Sol Duc Falls. We crossed a canyon by bridge for an up-close view of three sheets of white water crashing down into a crevasse of black rock.

Hurricane Ridge

Lake Crescent This glacially-carved lake, hidden among the northern foothills of the Olympic Mountains, is a stunning, natural beauty. Its waters present clear views almost 60 feet deep. Nearby, the short hike to Marymere Falls shows off both the park’s old growth forest and a 90 foot waterfall.

Sol Duc Hot Springs

A wonderful end to our venture was the Sol Duc Hot Springs. The Resort offered three Mineral Hot Spring soaking pools and one Freshwater Pool. The spring water comes from rain and melting snow, which seeps through cracks in the sedimentary rocks where it mingles with gasses coming from cooling volcanic rocks. The mineralized spring waters then rise to the surface along a larger crack or fissure. A soak can do the body, mind and spirit good!

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