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Sequoia & Kings Canyon

Sequoia National Park is home to earth’s largest living organism (by volume) – The General Sherman Tree. The volume of the tree is slightly over 274.9 feet high above its base, the circumference at the ground is 102.6 feet, and the diameter of its largest branch is 6.9 feet. Kings Canyon National Park is adjacent to Sequoia National Park in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. It's known for its huge sequoia trees, notably the gigantic General Grant Tree in Grant Grove. The whole family went in search of The Generals, but we had to plop Mr. Meatball back in the car because apparently bears can smell dogs and stir their curiousity to come out of hibernation early. We ventured out to this neck of the woods in celebration of Angelo's 'Bear is 14, Birthday'! Fittingly, this West coast park began our love affair with The National Forests.

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