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Willy Wonka's of Today

Today was our first official stop of a 6-month trip. When I woke up, meatball was jumping from Gigi’s bed to Angelo’s bed. What a way to rise and shine.

After we had our first RV breakfast we drove 10 minutes to Hershey Park. Yes, THE Willy Wonka Factory of TODAY! When we got to the factory we went on a tour. My mom, dad and Gigi were (very) slow – they had to read every sign about MR. HERSHEY. Angelo and I went ahead on the tiny tour-coaster-ride. There were robot cows and the robot candy people were kind of scary because they were a little creepy. There was a room called the 'roasting room’ on the tour and Angelo and I kept saying, “ooh roasted”. My mom got a little mad at us because we left our family – she reminded us that this trip is about US. I have a feeling I’ll be hearing a lot this trip:/.

The tour was kind of fun though, I didn’t know until now that H.B. Reese – inventor of REESE’S – once worked at the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Hershey KISSES have been a favorite since 1907 but no one knows who named them. Enough TWIZZLERS twists are made every year to stretch from the earth to the moon and back 5 times.

After the tour we met up and picked out a few things from the gift shop. I got a lot of Reeses cups because they are DELICIOUS and tastes so much better when from the original factory! I hope my Aunt Bambi doesn’t read this, because she might like Reeses more than me…and I ate them all already.

I learned some interesting facts about Milton Hershey - Did you know he was more than just a ‘Willy Wonka’. He was a 'do-gooder'. For example he and his wife Kitty opened a school for orphans in 1909, and built the town of Hershey; homes, towns, theatres, and parks. When his wife died he gave the school he built everything – $60 million – and share in his chocolate company. His favorite motto was “One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy” as well as “Business is a matter of human service”.

Did you know that when vacationing in France, he bought tickets for the Titanic’s maiden voyage; but he needed to return home sooner than planned. Close call. The Milton Hershey School still runs as a boarding school for needy children. Find out more at

Well – off to our next adventure. Olive OUT!

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