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The last leg

Thinking back to November 20, 2016, preparing for re-entry was 12,000 miles and 6 months away. Fast forward half a year later - here we are entering the Ohio orbit.  Truth .... having fun + time = a quick journey! Explore these ingredients for a moment: A tiny home, 5 family members, 1 Bulldog, 12,000 miles, 33 states, 3 countries. Does this mixture sound appealing to you? Exhausting? Intriguing? Scarey? Well, it was all that and more to us, and still, we felt the fear and did it anyway. The outcome unmeasurable, cannot quantify the end results because the experiences we had as a family far outweigh any analysis. We are changed people, the kind of change that can only happen when you pull away the layers that make you feel 'safe'. The exposure to life outside Ohio carved us into new people - we hope better people. Our mission was to learn, have fun and explore pockets of humanity within our Nation, TOGETHER. Check, check and check! So now that we've dipped our toes into the waters, why go back to Ohio? Much like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois - Ohio is what we know and love about home; welcoming, generous and humble. While we don't have the backdrops of Bryce Canyon or Yellowstone - what Ohio does have is heart. We've always known this about Ohio, the Midwest actually. What confirms our place in Ohio are the relationships upon which our foundation is built. With that in mind, the last stop on our tour seemed quite fitting, the home of one of my dearest friends, from high school. The stop brought us full circle and reminded us that even though distance separates us and 'life happens' our foundation stands strong and will always be there, waiting for the next visit! 

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