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When in Connecticut

Today is FRY DAY!!!

We fry anything left over from Thanksgiving….so you name it stuffing, green beans, turkey, bread pudding…etc. My favorite is OREOS.

Yesterday we went to Connecticut, to see a movie. I thought it was funny – ‘hey kids, get in the car, we are going to Connecticut to see a MOANA’. It was only a 30-minute drive, but still it was funny.

The movie theatre was pretty cool – The Prospector Theatre. The theatre employs adults with disabilities. Their mission is inspiring and their workers are so happy, they made me smile – you should look it up online:

While in Connecticut we saw the traditional Christmas street lighting ceremony in Ridgefield. The entire street was dark on our way into town, then all of a sudden – BAM – CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. In celebration of the event, we jumped onto the little platform they turned the lights on from and did a jig. Our family doesn’t care what people think – we just have fun! We had a lot of stares and laughs, but I think they were jealous they didn’t think of the idea!

We all fell asleep in the car – so I think that means mission accomplished, fun for all!

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