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Jack's Cosmic Dogs

Sometimes you just need to stop and eat the hot dogs.

If our trip has taught us anything, it's to experience the journey. Enter Jack's Cosmic Dogs!

We pulled into the pebble parking lot and -BAM- eye candy in the form of kitschy collectibles. Think Jetson's meets Happy Days!

With 14 hotdog options, this joint offers more than a dog with a bun. The Cosmic Dog is it's claim to fame and comes slathered with the owner's own sweet potato mustard, a mix of molasses, mustard seed and sweet potatoes. Jack’s offers some throw-back fun with it's vintage soda pops, and fountain drinks. .....Hey Kool-Aid! As if their Cosmic Dogs and fries weren’t enough, they also offer potato guns, with a potato for loading! ($2.45 each).

Worth the detour! Taking a trip back in time + filling our bellies = bucket list check!

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