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Lincoln National Forest

Many times we stop where the wind blows us, and without hesitation, we happily let the wind do it's work.


Lucky for us, the wind blew us in the direction of my favorite President's forest. Lincoln National Forest, named after President Abraham Lincoln was established in 1902. The forest is made up of more than one million acres spanning four counties and four different mountain ranges. That's a whole lotta acres!


The Lincoln National Park just happens to be right next to the Three River's Petroglyph Site. Lucky us! It was an easy decision, we find ourselves going into the forest for a few other reasons: We never pass up a dirt road, we love a good view and Smokey the Bear was born here!

Yes, it's true, located in South Central New Mexico, the Lincoln National Forest is known as the birthplace of the world-famous Smokey Bear, the living symbol of the campaign to prevent forest fires. The original bear is buried in Capitan, New Mexico.


Encountering curious cows, wild horses and vortex views - we set off to explore!


Our adventure was somewhat short-lived because I was getting freaked that if 'Mr. Smokey' was born here, there must be others, and dad was wearing flip flops - inappropriate survival shoes.

We stayed for a bit, got our view fix and travelled onward, lots to see here in New Mexico!

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