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Our home away from home, our go-to for 'peace-of-mind', our exhale....Colorado. This post is tricky, while we've 'been here, done that' for years in Colorado, we are looking at this mountain side with new, refreshed eyes. Having been on the road for some 5 months, we are learning how best to explore - and we have never really 'explored' Colorado. We are blessed with having relatives in Colorado, 'boon-docking' with them in Fort Collins - an area we have not explored. We find 'refueling' helps us go the extra mile, and when family is involved in the equation, well that just adds to the pleasure! We were excited to share our time up in Vail with our nephew and his girlfriend; hiking waterfalls, sharing in k-9 fun and touring the little towns around the area. A few firsts happened, our english bulldog got to explore the rockies for the first time, and we introduced our children to the location we were married some 17 years ago. While the events may not be monumental to some, they were unmeasurable to us. Colorado never dissappoints.

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