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Wall Drug

What's that billboard say? Wait there's another one! What is this the 5th, 6th sign about Wall Drug? What is this Wall Drug?

The power of advertising.....especially in the middle of the Great Plains!

Wall Drug: It is said to be one of the world’s most well-known tourist stops, The store got it's start in the 1930's with the promise of free ice water, for thirsty travelers heading West, or East. The Hustead's turned free ice water into a million dollar idea, with determination, a dream and quick thinking....and for that alone we stopped.

For those of you from Ohio, it's Farrells' meets The Yankee Trader - yes, we fell in love the minute we saw the animatronics in action. The store offers anything and everything - you don't need, but of course we supported the cause and handed over our cash for an enjoyable cause!

Read Wall Drug and The Hustead’s story:

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